About TerraNavigator

Formed in 2017, TerraNavigator was formed to respond to the increasing demand for private investment in brownfield redevelopment. For owners of environmentally impacted sites who desire to convert these liabilities into cash generating and sustainable assets, TerraNavigator is a turnkey sustainability solutions company that specializes in the beneficial re-use of environmentally impacted sites. Our transparent and collaborative approach can provide a sustainable, low-risk, and profitable competitive advantage. Unlike other environmental consultants, our solutions are tailored to uniquely address each customer’s individual business needs while balancing energy, ecology, and economy at no cost to the landowner.

Why Brownfields and Surplus Property?

Benefits to Society

Benefits to Land Owner

Open green space is preserved, properties that have higher and better uses are not underutilized.

Often anchored by energy solutions to provide an income source for the site – our development solutions often respect and optimize the use of ‘natural capital’ associated the site. Therefore, we welcome the opportunity for wildlife habitation, public use and recreation, or other beneficial applications.

All of our solutions optimize use of natural capital available for the site, i.e methane production = renewable natural gas, solar irradiation = PV solar, wetlands = mitigation bank.

Beneficial re-use of brownfield property can benefit the community through increased tax revenue and lower cost cleaner energy.

We do all the design and development work on our own dime.

We seek to optimize use, not maximize. We don’t believe there is a “one size” fits all solution and therefore will take a holistic approach to identifying the highest and best.

Our projects generate long-term and predictable cash flows, translating to a consistent income to the land owner for hosting the project. We will seek to obtain site control via the appropriate application of easement, lease, or even land acquisition depending on owner objectives.

Most projects require vegetation management and often site security. This often results in reduced or eliminated costs associated with property ownership.

The introduction of new income and improvements can result in a higher property value, increasing chances of potential resale.

Possible Re-Use Solutions